13 Weeks Pregnant

Learn what's happening in week 13 of pregnancy and find out how your baby is developing.

By the time you are 13 weeks pregnant, you are near the end of your first trimester. You're probably feeling a little better now and you're starting to believe that pregnancy isn't so annoying after all. This week your baby is the size of a peach and it's forming vocal cords and teeth. Even though your baby is still very small, he/she already has fingerprints. You've probably had your first prenatal care checkup and heard your baby's heartbeat by now.

What happens in your body in pregnancy week 13?

13 Weeks Pregnant

At 13 week of pregnancy, you probably don't feel so nauseated and exhausted. However, you might be feeling clumsier these days. This is a result of the hormone relaxin, which messes with you during pregnancy loosening the ligaments and joints throughout the body in preparation for birth. You may start to feel a bit more calm and more accepting this week.

Unfortunately, constipation is still one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms at 13 weeks. Pregnancy hormone progesterone is the culprit because it relaxes the "smooth muscles" (blood vessels, bowel and uterus) and decreases the frequency and the strength of bowel contractions that are required to move food and fluids. Constipation is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, so if you want to avoid it try to increase your fiber intake.

Changes in Your Body at 13 Weeks Pregnant

You may be looking a bit different around your belly which continues to grow. If you haven't invested in maternity clothing, now is the time to do so. Your taste and smell aversions will probably stick with you until you give birth, but nausea and vomiting will disappear.

If you are feeling a little more energetic, think about spending some time with your partner or exercising. Swimming and yoga are great low-impact activities that can help you feel better. The second trimester is known as the “honeymoon period” of pregnancy because most signs of pregnancy will go away. You're entering your final days of the first trimester and the chances of miscarriage are greatly decreased.

Your Baby at 13 Week of Pregnancy

At this stage, your baby has grown to roughly the size of a peach. The lips and nose are now completely formed, and he/she begins to produce and excrete urine. Your baby's vocal chords are developing this week and tiny bones are beginning to form in the arms and legs. Your baby's intestines which have been growing in a cavity inside the umbilical cord, are now moving to their permanent location, in your baby's abdomen. The placenta is also growing and your baby is two and a half inches long. The gall bladder, pancreas and thyroid have developed by now, and the bone marrow is producing white blood cells to help fight infection after your baby is born.

Pregnancy Week 13 Tips

At week 13, you should eat more whole foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and good fats. Try incorporating lean protein from beans, eggs, oily fish and fruits high in antioxidants into your meals. Make sure to avoid raw seafood, seafood high in mercury, undercooked meats, unpasteurized foods (soft cheeses), raw eggs, caffeine, alcohol, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and some herbal teas.

Walking, yoga, and swimming, are great workout options if you're feeling more energetic. You're beginning to show, so start looking for comfortable and high-quality maternity clothes.