14 Weeks Pregnant

Learn what's happening in week 14 of pregnancy and find out how your baby is developing.

During the fourteenth week of pregnancy, you may start feeling a lot better, because many of the pregnancy symptoms will fade away. You have entered the second week of the second trimester which is known as the "feel-good" trimester. Your baby is now big as a lemon and you can finally relax because the risk of miscarriage dropped by 75%. Your body has also adjusted to the internal changes that have been happening for the past few weeks. Even though the critical stages of your baby's development have gone, it's still very important to watch what you eat.

What happens in your body in pregnancy week 14?

14 Weeks Pregnant

Hopefully, you're no longer feeling nauseated and tired. Most of the worst symptoms of pregnancy have disappeared by this point, and many expectant mums feel better and more energetic this week. However, if you're still suffering from morning sickness, remember to stay hydrated and eat small but frequent meals. Your nausea may be replaced by another one of the worst pregnancy symptoms at 14 weeks, abdominal aches. Your uterus is growing and the ligaments that are surrounding it are stretching, which can lead to abdominal pain at times. The second trimester is marked by an appetite increase and energy boost.

Changes in Your Body at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Your waistline continues to expand and you will probably start gaining weight. Be careful, because in this trimester your appetite will increase and you'll feel the need to start "eating for two". Your breasts are still sensitive and growing in size as your body prepares for lactation. The spots and freckles on your face will continue to darken and you may feel moody and irritable. One of the signs of pregnancy, mood swings tend to increase during the second trimester, so talking to your partner or healthcare provider can help you with this problem.

Your Baby at 14 Week of Pregnancy

At 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is capable of breathing, swallowing, sucking, frowning and making all sorts of facial expressions. Your baby is now fully developed and is just growing larger. By this week, your little one is around three inches long and weighs nearly an ounce.The roof of your baby's tiny mouth is fully formed and his/her constant sucking reflexes help to create full and chubby cheeks. As baby's neck grows longer, the chin lifts from its chest. Your precious baby is drawing all its needed nutrients directly from the placenta, so it's very important to watch what you put into your mouth. Your baby will start growing hair and he/she is still covered with a fine, downy coating of hair to keep him/her warm, known as lanugo.

If you're having a baby girl, her ovaries are now moving down into her pelvis, and if you're having a baby boy, the prostate is forming.

Pregnancy Week 14 Tips

Your appetite will increase this week, so it's important that you continue to eat properly and exercise regularly. However, even if you feel you have gained too much weight, do not begin any type of diet, because your baby needs to get all the crucial nutrients it needs for growing. Eat smaller portions more frequently and start an exercise routine. Light or moderate exercise can help your growing baby because it boosts circulation so he/she gets oxygen more quickly. Exercise can also cut down on many of those annoying pregnancy symptoms such as bloating, backache, and varicose veins.