34 Weeks Pregnant

Learn what's happening in week 34 of pregnancy and find out how your baby is developing.

At 34 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling a little anxious, tired and overwhelmed. You're just one week away from stepping into the nine and your final month of pregnancy. The 34th week is crucial for your baby’s development and his chances of survival are over 98%. Your baby is the size of a honeydew melon and if you're having a boy, his testicles are now moving down to his scrotum from the abdomen.

What happens in your body in pregnancy week 34?

34 Weeks Pregnant

The last few weeks of your pregnancy can be physically and emotionally tough. Take the time to rest as much as you can and take good care of yourself.

Many women experience swelling in their ankles and feet in pregnancy, This is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms at 34 weeks, so if you're noticing that your face or feet are looking a little puffy, talk to your doctor because this could be a sign of preeclampsia.

Vaginal discharge is another symptom of pregnancy that is completely normal. However, if you notice that the discharge is yellow or smells bad, mention it to your doctor because it could indicate a yeast infection.

Blurry vision is one of the most unusual symptoms of pregnancy at 34 weeks. Thanks to pregnancy hormones, your vision may be blurry and the decrease in tear production can cause symptoms of dry eyes. These changes are temporary, so your eyes should return to normal after your baby is born.

Like most pregnant women at 34 weeks, you’re probably having trouble sleeping through the night. Fatigue, frequent urination, back pain, indigestion, heartburn and leg cramping are all common symptoms of pregnancy at this point.

Changes in Your Body at 34 Weeks Pregnant

You may feel very large from fluid retention. Drinking plenty of liquids can help flush the excess fluids from your system and will keep you hydrated.

You're not in the homestretch and you should have gained around 22 to 35 pounds by week 34.

Some women will notice that their belly button has shifted from an "innie" to an "outie" this week. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about, but if you notice that your belly button is extremely sensitive, place a bandage over it to avoid irritation.

Your Baby at 34 Week of Pregnancy

At 34 weeks, your baby weighs five pounds and is around 20 inches long. If you're having a boy, this week his testicles are making their way down from his abdomen to his scrotum.

Your baby is developing his first memories, although these memories don't last very long. Baby's fingernails are growing and he/she is opening and closing its eyes easily now.

Pregnancy Week 34 Tips

This is the right time to learn about the birthing process. Visit the labor and delivery section of the hospital where you're planning to give birth and if you have any questions about the delivery, make a list and talk to your doctor. Find out all you can about pain relief options such as breathing techniques and medications.

If you're experiencing leg cramps, back pain, or hemorrhoids, take a warm bath to relieve the symptoms. Avoid carbonated drinks, spicy foods, and eating right before bedtime, to avoid heartburn.

Take a few hours off to do a daily kick count just to make sure your baby is growing properly.