6 Weeks Pregnant

Learn what's happening in week 6 of pregnancy and find out how your baby is developing.

In week six of your pregnancy, your baby is the size of a sweet pea and is developing, changing, and growing more than before. Your baby's face is taking shape this week and you may feel a bit more moody than usual. The sixth week of pregnancy is important because now you're halfway through the first trimester. You can be 100% sure you are pregnant by the sixth week, as signs of pregnancy are in full swing and home pregnancy tests are returning positive results. If you haven't told that you're pregnant to your friends and colleagues, now is the right time to share the good news. You might be giving off a few symptoms of pregnancy to other people, particularly if you're making lots of visits to the bathroom and you're always feeling sick and extremely tired.

What happens in your body in pregnancy week 6?

6 Weeks Pregnant

Production of pregnancy hormones (hCG, estrogen, and progesterone) continues to increase and this will make you more susceptible to fatigue, nausea, and frequent urination. Your blood pressure is now lower than it was before you were pregnant, making you lightheaded and dizzy.

Pregnancy hormones may be making you feel extremely tired, nauseous and cranky.

Changes in Your Body at 6 Weeks Pregnant

By week six, you might be feeling tired, nauseated, and exhausted. Some of the most common pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks include morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings, nausea, tender breasts, weight gain, and food cravings. These early signs of pregnancy are simply a result of the rapid growth of your baby. However, each woman is unique and has a different experience with the symptoms of pregnancy at 6 week. This is the right time to watch your diet, so avoid anything that could be harmful to you and your baby. Eat nutritious foods that will boost your energy levels.

Your Baby at 6 Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is going trough some visible changes in week six. Baby's heart begins to pump blood and the neural tube that will become the spine closes. Arm and legs begin to form, and the skin is translucent. Other major developments include the mouth, nose, ears, eyes and nostrils. The eyes of your baby will appear as small black dots in an ultrasound. Your baby’s heartbeat is an astonishing 100 - 160 beats per minute which is almost twice as fast as yours. The blood is circulating and the liver, lungs, intestines and pancreas are also forming. At six weeks, the baby will make its first movements although these movements are very gentle and can't be really felt by the mother. At this stage, your baby is approximately a quarter of an inch long, or the size of a lentil bean.

Pregnancy Week 6 Tips

During the sixth week of pregnancy, it's important to be extremely careful about what you eat and how much you eat. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you should eat for two. Try to consume only 300 or 350 extra calories per day to keep your weight gain to a minimum. Eat smaller meals throughout the day to control your weight and morning sickness because having an empty stomach can make you feel more sick.