8 Weeks Pregnant

Learn what's happening in week 8 of pregnancy and find out how your baby is developing.

You are now two months pregnant and you're probably feeling lots of changes and symptoms of pregnancy. Many things are happening during the eight week of pregnancy. This week is a vital time as your pregnancy establishes, and while you're getting used to the idea of being pregnant, your body is very busy building a baby.

Your baby is now the size of a raspberry and his/her vital organs are continuing to grow. Your baby continues to grow rapidly and starts moving in the womb. Many women schedule their first doctor appointments during the sixth or seventh week, however, many doctors prefer to weight until the eight week before scheduling an appointment.

What happens in your body in pregnancy week 8?

8 Weeks Pregnant

There aren't any visible physical body changes at this stage, but there are many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks.

Your baby requires more support from your body, which requires your blood volume to increase. This means that during week eleven of pregnancy your heart is pumping 50% more blood per minute than before you conceived. You won't have a visible baby bump yet, but your womb is already twice its normal size. You may notice that you're going to the bathroom more often and you're feeling pretty exhausted all the time.

Changes in Your Body at 8 Week Pregnant

Many changes have taken place in your body this week. Your uterus and your breasts are growing as the baby grows. Your breasts are probably more sensitive than before, as they began to prepare for lactation. Now it's the right time to buy more comfortable and supportive bra. Varicose veins may appear around your breasts as a result of the increase in blood supply.

During pregnancy, you will experience an increase in certain hormones, which will contribute to many of the pregnancy symptoms you may experience. Due to hormonal changes, the skin around your nipples will become darker. You may also experience cramping in your abdomen due to the growth of the uterus, and this is completely normal and one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. Other symptoms of pregnancy at 8 week you may experience include morning sickness, mood swings, vomiting, weight gain or loss, indigestion, an increased sense of smell, constipation, fatigue, and urinary frequency.

Your Baby at 8 Week of Pregnancy

At eight weeks, your baby is growing rapidly every day. Your baby is around two centimetres long and the size of a raspberry. At this point, your baby is growing around 1mm per day and the amniotic fluid in your womb increases by two tablespoons every week. His/her heart rate is beating amazing 150 times per minute and is already making spontaneous movements in your womb. After eight week, your baby is called a foetus and is still getting nutrition from the yolk sac rather than the placenta. Your baby’s lungs are developing and the color pigment in the eyes is also starting to form this week. Your baby's neural tube has completely formed, the eyes are a visible part of the face, and the ears, mouth and nose have formed. The arms and legs are becoming longer, and the fingers and toes have a distinct appearance now.

Pregnancy Week 8 Tips

During eight week of pregnancy, the symptoms might become a bother. You may feel exhausted, so rest well and eat healthy. A balanced diet will give your little one all the nutrients he/she needs to grow. If you're suffering from nausea and vomiting, eat foods that have ginger in them as ginger settles the upset stomach.

The increase in the hormone relaxin means that you need to increase your fiber intake if you want to avoid constipation. Relaxin loosens your ligaments too, so you need to protect your back and pelvis to reduce pain and discomfort.

Discuss any new symptoms with your doctor to ensure that they are normal and you have nothing to be concerned about.